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Your First Visit to Our Livonia Practice

Enjoy the Welcoming Atmosphere of Our Livonia Office

The first time at a new chiropractor's office can often be an intimidating event. We strive to make every aspect of this visit comfortable, efficient, and effective.
As you walk through our front doors you will be greeted by the calming atmosphere of our office and friendly faces of our staff. The first step will be filling out our new patient paperwork. While in the lobby doing this you can browse though our patient testimonials and chiropractic research to help you relax and know that you are in the right place.
First Chiropractor Visit Livonia MI - Back Doctor, Back Pain Clinic - Dotto Family Chiropractic - your_first_visit
You will be warmly welcomed and made to feel at home. Help is on its way!

Our Livonia Chiropractors Will Make You Feel at Home

From there you will be whisked off on a tour of our beautiful Livonia office and then into our high tech exam room for the consultation with the Doctor. The Doctor will use this information to determine a course of action for the exam (what tests need to be done and whether x-rays are needed).
You will then be scheduled for your next visit to learn the results of your exam.
To be well prepared for this first day make sure you bring your drivers license and a copy of your insurance card, wear loose fitting comfortable clothing, and reserve 90 minutes of your time to spend in our office.
Next, what to expect at your second visit.