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Adrian S.

What problems were you experiencing when you came to Dotto Family Chiropractic?
Nothing very specific, occasional sleepiness, occasional headaches, neck. More of a sense I could be healthier.
How are you feeling now?
I feel great. Now that we have gotten my spine in alignment I sleep better and have less joint pain.
How long after your first visit did you get results?
I felt better almost right away, but it took about 6 months to really get here.
How many people have you referred to chiropractic?
I tell everyone!
My success story:
I didn’t really think I was unhealthy when I first started chiropractic care. I defiantly felt that I had hit a wall with traditional medical care it wasn’t going to get me any healthier. Now that I have been in care for 8 months I feel like there’s nothing I can do. I am so much more in the tune with my body that I can now tell immediately when something Is wrong. Before chiropractic I was having trouble with walking and stairs when my arthritis would acting up. Now I work with a trainer three times a week, take dance classes and have walked half a marathon. I sleep better, have fewer headaches even my allergies have improved. Truly, chiropractic creates genuine well-being rather than simply treating illness. I absolutely recommend it for everyone.

Brian D.

I have been seeing Dr. Dotto for a couple of years for my back and neck. I have been completely impressed and satisfied with the results of their work, but t5he results of their treatments, over the past year, have been nothing short of phenomenal.
Last year, I began swimming, and after and about three months later I developed rotator cuff problems. The pain was so bad I could not use my arm to get myself out of the pool. Dr. Dotto began working on my arm and in less than one years time I competed in the US Masters Swimming Michigan State Champions. I am ranked 10th in my age group. I laced in all five of my events, took 3rd place in two events and missed qualifying for US Masters Nationals by one tenth of a second in one of my events.
I never missed a workout because of my shoulder. Last year I swam over 300 miles.
I, Brian, Testify to the truth about chiropractic and allow Dotto Family Chiropractic to use my testimonial to help spread the chiropractic story.

Douglas B.

What problems were you experiencing when you came to Dotto Family Chiropractic?
Severe back and neck pain.
How are you feeling now?
How long after your first visit did you get results?
After one week.
My success story:
I was working on my motorcycle on the garage floor hunched over when I went to straighten up my back gave out and I was on the cold concrete floor. I was immobile until my wife came home 30 minutes later and helped me into the house. I had to have a wheelchair to get around, I went to the doctor and got the pain pills and muscle relaxers. After about three days I could get around with a cane. Went to physical therapy for couple of weeks but that didn’t really help. Finally came to Dr. Dotto for treatment and that really made a tremendous improvement, no cane, no pills. I have been steadily impairing since, I should have seen him first.

Marlene Z.

For a number of years I experienced lower back pain, which had an emotional and crippling effect on my physical and mental well being.
On January 22, 2009, the pain became so intense I scheduled an appointment with my physician, who prescribed a muscle relaxer which had a negative effect on my suffering.
Early February I contacted Dotto Family Chiropractic clinic and began an intensive, individualized plan of treatment. Through their knowledge, skills, and expertise I have made great strides toward achieving our goal of living without pain. Although at times I experience minor pain, it does not hamper my daily activities and I continue to feel better each day.
I will continue to follow with all of the directions that have been given and I believe in the chiropractic experience.

-Mary D.

What problems were you experiencing when you came into Dotto Family Chiropractic?
Lower back and neck pain for a very long time.
How are you feeling now?
Much better, my quality of life has truly improved.
How long after your first visit did you get results?
Within the first one to two weeks. I have been going for 5 months now.
How many people have you referred to chiropractic?
All of my 3 children and sister go.
My success story:
I came into the office in tears, just looking for someone to help stop my chronic pain. I was welcomed as if I were a long lost relative, they are kind understanding people. Their thorough explanation of my condition was incredible and I could for once understand how to get proper care. The doctors know so much of how the spine and brain function make up your total physical being. My condition was bad and now my progress is overwhelming. I decided to take my three children to see them. Our youngest is autistic. The doctors work with each of them for their individual needs. What a difference I see and they feel. Our autistic son has shown newer, exciting and complete positive ways of mental and physical function. I can not ever be able to thank them for a better way of living.

Pamela M.

What problems were you experiencing when you came to Dotto Family Chiropractic?
Extreme Headaches
How are you feeling now?
How long after your first visit did you get results?
First day but lasting results in 2 weeks. I have no more headaches and don’t need Motrin.
How many people have you referred to chiropractic?
Everyone I talk to.
My success story:
I was taking 16+ Motrin for every day for well over 10 years due to headaches. I met Dr. Dotto through a business relationship and he examined me. It was obvious to me that I needed help to get off the Motrin and fix the what was causing the problem. I was reserved however because I don’t have insurance coverage and I am a single mom and would have to pay on my own. I stopped taking the Motrin immediately to see if I could do it on my own but with out the medication I couldn’t function with the headache pain. I decided I could commit to Dr. Dotto and I am so happy I did. I feel great and look forward to coming to my visits. The staff is awesome very caring and make every visit pleasant. I feel I’ve gained control over the situation I didn’t even realize I had lost control, Thank You!

-Phil P

What problems were you experiencing when you came in?
A stiffness in back, poor posture and a limp.
How are you feeling now?
The treatment gave me the posture I had 25 years ago and increased flexibility and range of motion.
How long after your first visit did you get results?
Three weeks for strength to come back and four weeks for posture.
How many people have you referred to chiropractic?
My Success Story:
The Dotto Family Chiropractic center are worlds ahead in equipment, staff, office cleanliness and up to the minute, cutting edge practices. After a very short time with the Dotto Family, and they are just that, I’m back to doing my own yard work, walking to the store, sitting in my favorite recliner and plying with the dog. I go white water rafting in two months!